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Hotel Pašike Trogir

''Only the best of Dalmatia'' is the motto of our restaurant Pašike, where we cook up important ingredients necessary for a happy life: excellent gastronomic specialties and quality social gatherings in high moods and a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year.
Taste the centuries old dishes of Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine enriched with a modern touch and make a toast with the indigenous varieties of Dalmatian wine.
Fish, seafood, meat specialties, famous and delicious soups, stewed beef in sour-sweet sauce (pašticada), creative squid and cuttlefish risottos will bring out the true gourmet in you.
For the complete experience, treat your palate with our original deserts, prepared according to secret family recipes that have been passed down the family line from mothers to daughters, for centuries.
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Restaurant Pašike – Trogir, a proud owner of the Culinary Heritage certificate.

Kitchen Pasike

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Welcome to Pašike Restaurant, where you can indulge in irresistible Neapolitan Pizza. Our pizza is prepared with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, offering you an authentic taste of Italy. With a wide selection of types and combinations, we are confident that you will find the perfect pizza to satisfy your taste buds. Visit us and experience the true culinary delight of Neapolitan Pizza at our beautiful restaurant. Your taste buds will thank you.

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Try fish, sea food, meat specialties, dishes from our indigenous Dalmatian cuisine, such as pašticada (stewed beef in sour-sweet sauce), škartocet (steak rolls), brudet (fish stew), cod, Trogir soup, and other original dishes, all in a pleasant ambience with soothing music and a glass of wine made by the local winemakers.

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Depending on the occasion, seasonal produce, needs and desires of our guests, we organize interesting, entertaining and original events for you. Visit us during the our “Month of Cod“ or “Days of Asparagus“, as well as other colourful events.

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Pašike – Trogir

Pašike - Trogir

Hotel Pašike, located in the heart of UNESCO's town of Trogir, with its cosy, intimate atmosphere of a heritage hotel, is more than just a resting and meeting place. Our amiable and friendly staff will constantly be at your service and will make sure that the time you spend in our small family hotel, comprising a restaurant, 13 rooms and one suite, will be pleasant. The hotel is situated in a building into which the previous generations and hands of unnamed builders weaved the spirit and patina of times past. Experience a touch of the old, historic and indigenous Dalmatia in a charming ambience featuring restored antique furniture, enjoy the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean and take unforgettable memories of Hotel Pašike, Trogir and Dalmatia back home with you.

Welcome to Trogir


Trogir – town of monuments
We invite you to visit Trogir, whose legends, myths and humanistic tradition made it a wondrous city, steeped in exceptionally rich history and brimming with longstanding memories. The city as a whole is a collective artwork which has been built and honed for centuries, surpassing local and Adriatic boundaries. The town's centre is under UNESCO protection. Check out why they call it "The Little Venice" and "The Stone Beauty". Test the power of the Greek god Kairos whose relief is kept in the Benedictine monastery in Trogir, who will, according to legend, give you a favourable opportunity if you manage to catch that naked, carved young man by the lock of his hair at the right moment. Ensure your moment of happiness and welcome to Trogir!


Time of kolinje (pig slaughter)

Winter time calls for traditional winter foods. Do not miss tasting pork specialties ranked at the very top of world’s gastronomy, such as čvarci (pork crisps), blood sausages, homemade sausages, aspic, brawn, sweet salenjaci (Croatian mini croissant) and various other meat dishes grilled or roasted on homemade fat.

Remember, according to the latest research, lard is healthy!
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