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5 celebrations that catering can make easier for you

Organizing various celebrations, anniversaries, jubilees, and national holidays, whether it is a private or business event, can be extremely stressful even when everything goes according to plan, but when something goes wrong, a celebration which should have become another beautiful memory in a moment turns into a nightmare and an event that you would like to forget as soon as possible. True, we can organize certain events such as small family gatherings of very close people, in our own space and using our own strengths, serving food that we know how to prepare and drinks we know our guests like. In fact, buying ingredients, cooking meals, baking cakes, serving a table, gathering a family and friends, all our beloved ones around the table, has its magic when we welcome our guest at little celebrations, especially during Christmas or Easter holidays.

However, all occasions are not the same. Any larger gathering or celebration requires a serious and thorough approach (and experience), as well as knowledge of the nature of the event, especially if unknown guests are involved. The pressure is stronger then because we want to leave a good impression. We are facing countless issues and dilemmas, and as a rule, there is always something left forgotten or something goes wrong. It is not how we planned it in the first place. That is why you should trust experts when it comes to such occasions, and below we will provide you with five most common occasions in which catering can help you and make the whole event less stressful and turn it into beautiful memories for everyone present.

  • Weddings – Reception of guests at the bride’s / groom’s place (pre-wedding reception)
  • Anniversaries – wedding anniversaries (silver and golden anniversary), anniversary of the company, successful co-operation …
  • Parties – birthday parties, name day parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, surprise parties…
  • Religious events – christening, sacraments..
  • Business events – Christmas dinner, office catering, book promotions, movie premières…

The Pašike Restaurant is well experienced in (co-)organizing various events and celebrations, in its facilities or elsewhere. Time, menus and drinks are planned and arranged together with our clients, with advices how to avoid some of the classic mistakes or oversights that may occur. For example, for larger gatherings, it is necessary to take into account whether there will we people with special diet regimes (sugar-free diet) and children to prepare proper meals for them and to also serve dishes for vegetarians, vegans or people who avoid gluten in their diet. Everything should be accompanied by high a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

That is why out motto is: No one should leave the party hungry or thirsty!