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Days of cod

Dried cod is one of the rare delicacies that, thanks to many a resourceful sea man, found its way from the distant shorelines onto the Dalmatian table. It’s a dish that passed the test of time and became a traditional meal. Dried cod is served during the whole of Advent in Dalmatia, especially on Christmas Eve, but also on Good Friday before Easter. Actually, during all the fasting or meat free holydays.

Today, the best cod is considered to be the one coming from Norway. The Spaniards and the Portuguese were among the first to have dried and cooked it with the same amount of pleasure. There are many recipes for preparing cod, but our grandmothers did not experiment much, keeping to the proven cod recipes, especially popular among their children and grandchildren. It did not always come in abundance, and it wasn’t as available as it is today. Previously, cod intended for Christmas Eve had to be purchased months in advance, preserved in a cold place, soaked days before, and then finally, on the day of the holiday, the house would come to be filled with the delicious aroma. Weather it is cod brodetto, cod ”in bianco”, it is an indispensable dish on the holiday table, a plentiful meal complemented with potatoes and with widely appreciated quality homemade olive oil. Over the centuries we have also come to appreciate cod paté, cod Prtuguese, cod lasagne, and equally delicious cod with beans, as well as a variety of other more contemporary combinations featuring this precious produce with a rich and distinctive flavour and aroma.


Cod as part of the Dalmatian tradition, deserves to be much more than a dish enjoyed twice a year. It deserves to be a more frequent offering on our tables, either during festivities or on a regular, work-free Sunday when the whole family gathers together. In fact, cod should be the meal bringing family and friends together, all those who are dear to us, however it may be prepared, because it carries the flavours and aromas of times past and excites wonderful memories.

This is why, during December, we organize a manifestation “Days of cod” in Pašike hotel. Visit us with your family and spend pleasant moments having our cod prepared according to traditional recipes or in some new, equally delicious combinations. Welcome and Bon Appétit!