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Smoked meat dishes

The whole year -

You want to lick your fingers! This is one of the most frequent comments we get from our guests when they taste some of the homemade, traditional “spoon” dishes from this region, made according to old family recipes with smoked meat (ribs, pancetta, pork hocks, kaštradina (smoked goat/sheep meat) etc.) with beans, lentils, chickpeas, sour cabbage, or borecole.

Winter time calls for traditional winter foods. Do not miss tasting pork specialties ranked at the very top of world’s gastronomy, such as čvarci (pork crisps), blood sausages, homemade sausages, aspic, brawn, sweet salenjaci (Croatian mini croissant) and various other meat dishes grilled or roasted on homemade fat.

Remember, according to the latest research, lard is healthy!
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